When It May Be Time to Upgrade or Replace Your Home’s Lawnmower

The lawnmower you buy for your property is a very important investment, as cutting your lawn doesn't just make it look good but also helps to keep it healthy and strong. A poor-quality mower can mean just pushing the blades of grass and not really cutting them, and spending too much time caring for the mower itself. While you don't always need to buy the most expensive mower on the market for your residential lawn, note when it may be good to consider upgrading or replacing your current mower for something more suited to your needs.

The lawn seems brown and dry

If the grass underfoot seems dry and stiff rather than soft and lush, and if it looks a bit brown and patchy, you may simply need a mulching mower. This cuts the grass into small pieces and then deposits those pieces back onto the lawn as you mow. These bits of grass are so small that they're almost invisible, so you don't need to worry about clumps or piles of cut grass making the lawn look unsightly. However, these pieces help to hold moisture in the soil so your lawn gets more hydration and won't be as brown and dull.

You're sharpening the mower after every cut

Your lawnmower should be checked before and after every cut for any damage to the blades and to ensure it has enough gas and oil if it's not an electric model. However, you typically shouldn't need to sharpen the blades after every cut. You may also notice that the grass is just being pushed down in several spots on the lawn.

This often means you have an underpowered mower for the lawn you have; your grass may have lots of heavy brush mixed in with the grass blades, or it just grows too quickly for you to keep up with it. In turn, this will dull the blades every time you take out the mower. Upgrade to a mower with dual blades and a stronger engine so you avoid this unnecessary work and aren't putting undue wear and tear on the mower as well.

You spend too much time with an edger

If you avoid certain areas of your lawn because they're difficult to access with your mower, and need to go back over those areas with an edger, you may need a mower with a more narrow cutting deck or a zero turn mower. This type of mower allows you to spin freely from the cab, making access to smaller areas much easier.

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