5 Ideas to Make Metal Fencing Look Beautiful

Hog wire, horse wire and other types of metal fencing can be critical when you are creating animal pens on your farm, but if you have extra panels or rolls, you may also want to use these fencing supplies around your yard or in other areas close to your home. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways you can dress up this fencing to make it look as beautiful as possible. Check out these ideas.

1.  Install a Wood Frame

A wood frame can make wire agricultural fencing look beautiful. Basically, you use wood fence poles to stabilise the metal panels. Then, you add wood along the base and top of the fence. This design makes your fence look like wooden squares with metal slats in the middle.

2. Hang Bamboo Curtains

If you like the look of wood but want an easier installation process, you may want to look into bamboo curtains. Sometimes, called bamboo fencing, this material features long pieces of bamboo that run vertically up and down the fence, and it comes in long rolls. You simply roll the bamboo out along your fence and secure it in place using plastic zip ties or metallic twist ties.

3. Add Some Climbing Plants

Greenery can be the perfect complement to metal fencing. You can opt for a seasonal look by planting quickly growing climbing plants such as peas or melons. Then, of course, you get the added bonus of being able to pick food from your fence.

If you prefer a permanent solution, you should look into perennial climbing plants. These plants either thrive all year long, or they go dormant and come back the next summer. Consider planting different types of ivy or something like grapes or berries on vines.

In all cases, you simply plant the seeds next to the fence, and when the plants sprout, keep an eye on them and steer the plants toward the fence. Once they attach themselves to the base of the fence, they will continue climbing nearly effortlessly.  

4. Weave in Wood or Fabric

Flexible strips of wood can be woven through the rectangles on your fencing to add a warm look. Alternatively, consider using strips of fabric. Choose your favourite colours, and use a heavy-duty material such as canvas that can withstand the test of time.

5. Consider Paint

Finally, you can dress up metal fencing with paint. Find paint that sticks to metal and is rated for outdoor use. Then, apply it with a roller. Spray painting a metal fence can end up leaving a lot of paint on the grass around the fence.